What is the GSO Olympic Journey?
Athletes will follow a monthly schedule that hits on key elements an athlete would experience on their journey to the Olympics.

  • Week 1: Introduction to the program

    Possible Activities:  Outdoor Fun such as Sidewalk Chalk, Bubbles, 4 Square, Bingo, Virtual Icecream Party

  • Week 2:  Training & Conditioning

    Possible Activities:  Movie Night with popcorn, Wiffle Golf, Soccer Skills, Zoom Cardio Training

  • Week 3:  Team Unity

    Possible Activities:  Rock Painting, Cooking Class, Virtual Karaoke, Young Athletes Meet and Greet, Trivia Night

  • Week 4:  Track to Tokyo

    Possible Activities:  Japanese Cultural Focus (Miso Soup Cups, Matcha Tea, Japanese Crafts


All supplies will be included for athletes to participate. Weekly activities will be made up of both physical and social elements. Each week will also have a photo opportunity element where athletes can share what they are doing. Photo sharing is optional.  Please see the GSO Weekly update for the link.  Sign Up Closes on July 15th.  Olympic Journey begins August 3rd!