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Thanks for your interest in becoming a GSO coach!  Below is some information about becoming a volunteer and/or a coach with Gahanna Special Olympics.

Please note:  All volunteers must be at least 14 years of age.  


All coaches must complete the following four requirements:

1.  Background Check:  The link to the background check is here. This form will send your personal information to Special Olympics Ohio where a background check will be ordered. You will receive an email from First Advantage.  The steps in that email MUST be completed within a week before the link expires.


2.  General Orientation:  The link to the General Orientation is here.  This certification explains the basics of Special Olympics Ohio and coaching. At the end of the PowerPoint is a link to the General Orientation Quiz where a score of 15/15 is required to be considered complete.


3.  Protective Behaviors &  4. Concussion Training:  The link to Protective Behaviors and Concussion Training  is here.  Please see log in information below. 


Learning Portal Set Up:

-Click “Register.”

-Fill in the registration accordingly:

-Learning Area: Protective Behaviors

-First, Last, Email, Gender, DOB, Street Address

-Region: SO-North America

-Program: Ohio


-Verify and check boxes

-Click Register

-A verification email will be sent to the email address you provided. Click on the green button that says “Single Use Special Olympics Account Activation Button”

-This link will send you to a page to set your password.

-After setting your password, return to the log in page here.

-Log In with the email address you provided and the password you just set.

-On the “My Learning” tab, you will find the 2 certifications you must complete that includes “Protective Behaviors” and “Heads Up Coaches Concussions in Youth Sports.”

-Please complete the entire single module under Protective Behaviors and all 3 modules under the Heads Up Coaches Concussions in Youth Sports.

-Upon completion of the courses, the results will be automatically generated to a list your Local Coordinator will have for record.


*Tip: At the end of each certification, you will have the option to download the certificate of completion. If you save this and there is a discrepancy, the certificate is proof that you completed the certification

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